With the hot spring season approaching in Lesotho, your car's air conditioning system becomes crucial in keeping you cool and safe on the road. In addition to regulating the temperature inside the vehicle, air conditioning helps keep the windows closed to prevent inhalation of polluting gases. To ensure its optimal functioning, it is essential to keep it in good condition. Here we provide you with some tips to identify problems and solve or mitigate them.

One of the most noticeable signs of air conditioning system problems is unusual noises when you turn it on. When something is not working properly, the air conditioning compressor tends to activate more frequently, which increases fuel consumption and produces abnormal noises. These sounds may originate due to deterioration of the car's interior fan or problems in the system's ducts.

Another common problem is the formation of fogging on the vehicle's windows for no apparent reason. This is usually due to a dirty or blocked air filter. If you try to defog the windows and get no results, the airflow may have decreased or the system may be malfunctioning, requiring repair.

Bad odors when turning on the air conditioning system are another unpleasant inconvenience, especially in vehicles with high mileage. These odors are usually caused by the accumulation of dirt, dust or water, which encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi in the system. Additionally, an old air filter can contribute to this problem.

To keep your car in good condition, here are some additional tips. Park your vehicle in the shade whenever possible, especially during extreme heat, as high temperatures inside the car can damage internal and mechanical components. It is also advisable to activate the air conditioning system for a few minutes at least once a week to keep all components in optimal condition.

In short, your car's air conditioning system is essential for keeping you comfortable and safe in hot weather. Paying attention to signs of trouble, such as strange noises, unusual fogging of the windows, or bad odors, will help you identify and address any issues early. Additionally, following maintenance practices such as parking in the shade and turning on the air conditioning periodically will help extend the life of your air conditioning system and keep it in optimal condition.