Image Courtesy Lesootho

There are many reasons to renew your car in Lesotho, enhanced security, fuel savings and even greater comfort. This time we will see several benefits that you get when renewing your car. We are aware that it is not always possible to change your car so often, however we show you the benefits of renewing it.

More security

Driving an old car greatly increases the chance of having an accident, that's right; If you think about it a little, it is logical since the operation of a vehicle with several years of use is not as reliable and can leave you stranded out there. In the case of a new car, in addition to having a mechanical guarantee, you can get car safety systems and more technology.

Less Pollution

A new vehicle works normally and therefore emits fewer polluting gases, since there are vehicles that do not pollute as much depending on the model.

Fuel savings

An older car uses more fuel because the engine doesn't work the same way it did when it was built. It is said that an eight-year-old car uses about 40% more fuel, this would be an extra expense that a new car would not have.

Less repairs

Another clear advantage of owning a new car is the low chance of it breaking down. Contrary to a vehicle with more than ten years of use, in which repairs are expensive because important parts must be changed to keep it working. You also have to take into account if the car is very old, many of the parts may stop being manufactured and finding them is more difficult, a situation that makes them less profitable cars.

Drive more comfortable

It is very common for the interior of an old car to have deteriorated seats, the window knob does not work or the air conditioning does not work, no matter how much patience we have when driving, all this will end up irritating us. On the other hand, when you get into a new car and have more space, with adjustable seats and technology that facilitates driving, it will be much more pleasant to start your day behind the wheel.

Saving money

Fewer repairs, better fuel economy and increased safety result in optimal new car maintenance. Giving an old car a nice appearance is much more expensive, both mechanically and interiorly. However, it is better to give it periodic maintenance to avoid higher expenses.