Mazda Southern Africa Foundation was launched in December last year. Mazda Southern Africa launched the foundation which is a non-profit organization. The foundation’s center was established in South Africa.

The Mazda foundation was registered and fully incorporated in 2015 with an endorsement from South African Revenue Service (SARS). The nonprofit foundation was however required to allow the South African tax office to deduct tax from donations made to them. Mazda Motor Corporation, Mazda Southern Corporation, and Japan are among the foundation’s major donors. Also, Mazda Southern Africa under Mazda dealer Network also makes contributions to the organization.

The main purpose of the establishment of the foundation by Mazda is giving back to the South African community for their continued support. The organization is also aimed at improving South Africa’s education sector by seeing young people through education and employment skills. The foundation mainly considers children from deprived backgrounds. It also contributes to educational advancement while ensuring that the community can achieve excellence on all levels.

Among its objectives, the foundation is dedicated to the development of technology in South Africa and improving its competitiveness on international markets. The foundation is also committed to improvement and maintenance of a natural environment in the country. It also aims at supporting research projects, surveys and feasibility studies in any areas of its set objectives.

Several factors are to be considered for a grant from the Mazda Foundation. The first stage includes evaluation of the application. In such a case, the applicant is required to be identified with a thorough background check on the applicant’s character and legitimacy. The project application is also required to match with the foundation’s set objectives and should be sustainable. Further, the foundation board is also required to assess whether it will be able to fund the project to completion through grants offered. Additionally, the board will consider both the applicant and project associations with other donors.

In the second stage, the full application will be looked into. This will include the applicant’s competence in delivering on their objectives. Applicant’s ability to efficiently use grants offered in funding the project will be evaluated. The application project in question will also be checked on its legitimacy and progress achieved so far. Amount of grant will also be considered at this stage. The foundation board will make considerations into the availability of funds, usage areas of the grant are given and if it is a realistic amount for the applicant to request. The foundation will also consider if the application is dependent on a key person and the risks involved in such cases.