Until recently, drivers in Lesotho and cars did not have integrated smart electronic devices such as entertainment screen, digital dashboard, digital rear view mirror. Nowadays the car can connect with the Smartphone.

This generation of drivers can now drive their vehicles along with all the technological advances. The design and production of automobiles have improved safety, comfort and entertainment, but applications for smartphones have also been developed that are specifically for drivers. Previously it was not possible to use certain functions in the car. Now many cars have functions that are used with Smartphones, and here we have a small list of applications for drivers that you probably did not know existed.

So let's see these applications which are to improve driving and traffic on the tracks.


This is a well-known app among modern drivers that over time has become the best of traffic apps. Drivers use them to view real-time traffic information.

You can use this application to move to your destination taking into account vehicular traffic, accidents and obstacles that you may encounter on the way. The app has been recommended by other Waze users, which makes it a reliable and useful app to avoid traffic jams.


This is an app that is especially useful for people who like to take weekend trips by car. This app is only traces the most effective route to reach your destination, whether you are going to another city, a picnic or nature. The app also shows you points of interest along the way. This shows the necessary things for travelers such as camping centers, panoramic places to take pictures, among others, lodgings.


This App can serve as a companion on solo trips, because it has a huge library of podcasts, more than 50 million episodes in 70 languages and from 170 different countries to listen to. It is an application with a lot of multimedia content similar to Spotify or iTunes, but focused on drivers.


Parkfy is an application that helps you not lose your car, it will remind you of the exact location of your parked vehicle. This App can integrate bluetooth into your devices in case you get out of the car and you haven't configured Parkfy. The application will save the last location of your car in case you are long from the car.