When you are on an adventure, the most recommended way to know a place is by driving as you visit various places. Driving a car in Lesotho requires that you follow the traffic rules set in the country, In case you are an international tourist, you must have a valid driving permit and license from your country of origin and you can drive for 6 months in any part of the country. It’s important to know that they will allow registered in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). However, the driver must have a temporary driving permit. Besides, drivers should pay fee for a temporary road license. The foreign drivers with valid driving licenses are permitted to drive only if their countries of origin are parties to either the 1949 Geneva Convention or 1968 Vienna Convention.

A foreigner using a rental car from South Africa must have a certificate from the rental car company and buy a PTA insurance at the border. The following traffic rules apply when driving in Lesotho:

  • Always maintain left
  • The driver and front seat passenger must put on the seat belt
  • Only persons above 18 years are permitted to drive cars
  • Give way to vehicle traveling on public road if you are entering from a path
  • Overtake only on the right-hand side
  • The maximum alcohol level in the blood of driver is 0.08%
  • Drivers traveling downhill on mountain and steep roads shall give way to vehicles proceeding uphill
  • To drive commercial vehicles, you must be at least 21 years old and have 2 years driver licenses
  • In towns, drivers must stop and give priority to public motor vehicle
  • Limit the driving speed to 80km/h on main roads and 50 km/h in villages
  • You must be at least 16 years to drive the mopeds
  • Kids below the age of 4 must seat on special seats
  • Kids below 12 years must seat in rear seats while driving
  • Parking or standing is prohibited in railway tracks, contravention of any traffic sign, within tunnels or subways
  • Motorcyclists and passengers should wear protective helmets while driving
  • One should not park a vehicle within 5 meters of any intersection, level crossing, or bus stop

It is important to know that Lesotho’s roads may not be perfect, so it’s advisable to use a four-wheeled-drive vehicle. You can also rent a car within Lesotho but on a condition that you provide a valid international driving permit. While driving in built-up areas, ensure that the doors and windows of the car are locked since there are petty crimes in towns. Always walk with the required traffic documents since police officers might require them anytime. These include vehicle registration documents, car insurance certificate, International driving permit and original driver license,