In Lesotho, every driver is required to have a valid driving license. Before one undertakes driving courses in the country, one is required to apply for a learner’s license. The learner driver license is aimed at ensuring that all persons issued with driving licenses understand what is needed when driving on public roads. This article discusses the procedure of acquiring a learner driver license in the country.

One is required to be 18 years of age and/or above. However, for a motorcycle driving license, one can apply at 16 years of age. One must also produce a valid passport and a medical certificate from any recognized health provider in the country. A valid passport seeks to show your true identity. The medical certificate mainly indicates that the person has passed the eyesight tests. A person with sight problems is required corrective lenses or to wear glasses while driving at all times. The learner is also required to present two passport size photos of himself.

A person is required to apply for the learner driver license in the office of Public Works and Transport. Here, one fills an application form called T.C 14. Alternatively, one can apply for the license through the approved driving schools in the country. One is usually charged an application fee of M30.00 at the revenue office. If you apply through the driving schools, they will also charge you for the service.

Driving courses can also be achieved by contracting an experienced person to provide the training. However, the person you choose should be approved and registered with the relevant authorities in the country. A learner driver license is still required in such a case.