Lesotho is certainly a country of great attraction in which cars move safely in large urban areas like Maseru, which is the capital. In any case, it is smarter to take a 4x4 when you are in the country, considering that sudden rains can make streets impracticable. Drivers are required to wear a seat belt when their vehicle is in motion. If you do not comply with this law, you can pay a fine to the authorities.

Drinking alcohol prohibited at the wheel

If you want to drive in Lesotho, you must respect the laws that are identical to those of other countries on the planet. It is not good to end up with more than 80 mg of alcohol in the blood. Police patrols in the streets track vehicles at all times.

Have vehicle records

Make sure you have all your documents before you go on the road:

  • A national identity card
  • Registration of your vehicle
  • The written approval of the owner of the vehicle, if not the driver
  • An authorization from a financial institution if applicable
  • Valid and appropriate insurance

Regulatory speeds

Here are the speed limits you will face in Lesotho:

  • Average roads: 80 km / h
  • National highways: 100 km / h
  • Traffic inside the city: 50 km / h

Only persons under the age of 18 are permitted to drive to Lesotho. In case you are rather making a car rental, it will take at least 21 years. Those who are under the age of 21 will pay a premium for their lack of experience and their age. You will also need to take into account the road conditions when starting your car and have a local guide to help you avoid dangerous areas. Driving in the country is on the left side and you will have to do everything possible to comply with the rules and the various traffic signs.