In the landlocked Southern African nation of Lesotho, the demand for Japanese used cars has been steadily increasing due to their reputation for reliability and durability. This guide outlines the step-by-step process of importing Japanese used cars into Lesotho.

Finding a Reliable Exporter

Before initiating the import process, finding a reliable Japanese used car exporter is crucial. Extensive online research can help identify reputable exporters. Seek user forums and community recommendations, and contact past customers to gather insights about their experiences.

Verifying Reliability

Ensure the chosen exporter has a proven track record. Contact the exporter directly to inquire about their experience and reliability. Asking for references and checking online reviews can provide valuable information.

Choosing the Right Car

Selecting the right car is a crucial decision. Consider your specific needs and requirements before making a choice. Whether ordering online or from the exporter's stock, ensure the selected car aligns with your preferences.

Placing an Order and Payment

Initiating the Order

After choosing a car, place an order with the exporter. Upon confirmation, an invoice will be issued.

Payment Process

Pay the invoiced amount to the exporter's bank account through your local bank. Upon completion, you will receive a payment receipt.

Shipment Process

Forward the payment receipt to the exporter to initiate the shipment process. The vehicle is expected to arrive in Lesotho within a few weeks.

Port Clearance in Lesotho

Upon arrival at the Durban port in South Africa, where Lesotho-bound shipments are processed, ensure all necessary documents and fees are provided to the port clearing agent.

Customs and Regulatory Compliance

Adhere to Lesotho's import regulations, including inspecting used vehicles in their country of origin. Left-hand drive vehicles are not allowed. Only right-hand drive vehicles are permitted.

Essential Documents Required for Import

Bill of Lading and Commercial/Purchase Invoice

Ensure you possess the original Bill of Lading and the commercial/purchase invoice for customs clearance.

Driver's License and International Insurance Policy

A valid driver's license and an international insurance policy (green card) are necessary for compliance.

Certificate of Title and Registration

Provide the original certificate of title and registration for the imported vehicle.

Import Permit from the Department of Trade and Industry

Obtain an import permit from the Department of Trade and Industry to facilitate a smooth import process.


Navigating the import process of Japanese used cars into Lesotho requires careful consideration of reliable exporters, adherence to regulations, and meticulous documentation. By following these steps, enthusiasts can successfully import their desired vehicles, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.