Toyota Motor Corporation will invest up to 730,000 million yen, approximately US$5,600 million, to manufacture batteries for its future electric vehicles. The group aims to begin production of these batteries between 2024 and 2026, increasing its combined battery production capacity by up to 40 GWh. 

In Japan, investments will be made at Prime Planet Energy & Solutions Co., Ltd.'s (PPES) Himeji plant and Toyota plants. Toyota intends to continue building a supply system that can meet the growing demand for battery electric models in various regions of the world, including the supply of automotive batteries from its global partners.

This investment is intended to enable Toyota to meet the needs of its diverse customers in all countries and regions by offering multiple powertrains and as many options as possible. The heavy investment announced by the Japanese carmaker is part of the race for electrification in which all carmakers, such as Volkswagen Group (Toyota's main competitor), which will build six gigafactories in Europe and Africa in this decade.

Recently, Japan's Honda and South Korea's LG Energy Solution announced the creation of a joint venture to produce batteries. Both companies will contribute an initial capital of $4,400 million to the joint venture, which will be established later this year once the relevant regulatory processes are completed. 

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