Engen, founded in 1881, is a South African-based company that refines oil and produces business through it in various streams. There is a sum of 5000 service stations only in Africa, and as per the Department of Energy, it has an annual yield of R220 billion. The company also has revenue streams like that from jet fuel and lubricants in African and Sub-Saharan countries. If talking only about Lesotho, it has ten service stations and 17 retail stores.

Engen Lesotho has recently appointed Tebogo Mosehla as the company's Managing director. He has been with Engen since 2010, when he was appointed as an Internal Auditor. Soon he took up the role as a Risk Manager at Engen; however, it was based outside South Africa. Here his responsibilities were critical as he had to localize policies and ensure efficient governance in sub-Saharan countries. 

He later moved to business development, where his focus was to provide the best customer service and ensure smooth operations are being run within the business. He was also responsible for maintaining commercial sales for Engen.

Based on his escalating roles at the company, he is the Managing Director today. His sole focus is the growth and development of the company. He says that he is very keen to promote a healthy working environment and enhance the CSR program in Lesotho. He further added that the employees need a boost, and proper training must be followed with innovative ideas for growth.

Drikus Kotze, the General manager of Engen for all domestic and international business, has high hopes for Tebogo Mosehla to be on board. Kotze says that he finds Tebogo's demeanor a very positive and vibrant one, and he believes that his energy will be a good source of positivity in the business. In addition, his experience with the firm and its various departments has given him finishing, an efficient managing director must-have. Therefore, he trusts that the business will benefit greatly, with Tebogo Mosehla being the director.