In accordance with the law, any vehicle imported into Lesotho must be declared in an appropriate manner. Failure to report your vehicle, you will pay penalties equivalent to three times the value of the vehicle illegally imported.

How to import easily your vehicles into Lesotho?

For easy import of vehicles into Lesotho, vehicle owners will bring the following documents:

  • A Declaration of Entry
  • The name of the clearing agent engaged in the authorization
  • A Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • A blue card
  • An invoice or a copy thereof

Then you have to go to the customs offices on Motsoene Road, Maseru Industrial Area in the Maseru district. For those who want to know if their vehicles follow the proper procedures, it is possible to meet the nearest border officials or the offices of the LRA (Lesotho Authority Revenu). LRA agents will examine your vehicles and tell you if everything is going well.

The information to give to follow your file

Follow-up of your file is possible to the competent authorities (LRA) and the following information is required:

  • The name of the importer if it is separate from the current owner
  • The coordinates
  • Vehicle number
  • Vehicle chassis number
  • Year of import

Only vehicles that allow right-hand driving can enter in the country. Vehicles that drive on the left are not permissible into the country.

Vehicle Inspection

All second-hand vehicles imported into Lesotho must have an inspection before entering the country. Customs duties on used vehicles are inoperative at the rates in force. However, VAT is deliberate at the standard rate on cost, insurance, freight and customs duty.

An imported motor vehicle is also favored in the event of a change of permanent residence of the owner, if it is in its possession for at least 12 months. However, the law favors only one vehicle per family changing permanent residence. After importation, the importer must keep the car for at least 2 years before selling it.