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Mainly intended for the city, the Suzuki Vitara lends itself to exploring streets, highways and roads with urban style, taking you comfortably and safely to your destination whether on dirt, mountain or asphalt roads.

Live comfort behind the wheel with driving development controls that automate some difficult driving conditions, the Susuki Vitara 2023 stands out when it comes to driving on slopes or descent control, as well as adapting lighting automatically thanks to its light sensors in the most advanced versions. equipped.

Functional design

Suzuki has always excelled in bringing highly efficient, comfortable and safe vehicles to the market. The Suzuki Vitara is the translation of this, it is the favorite SUV of many, thanks to its mix of sporty design, performance and the best price.

VitaraImage Source Suzuki Motorcycle India

Its spaces and dimensions do not exceed those of a compact, it is an ideal car for urban life with 4,175 mm long, 1,610 mm high and a width of 1,775 mm make the Suzuki Vitara a comfortable SUV to drive in the face of the challenges of the traffic.

A car for the city

When we talk about Vitara, we are already talking about a classic. Of a vehicle that has gained prestige over the years and that has transformed into the desire to experience driving from all fronts inside and outside the city. Travel comfortably in the driver and passenger seats, which have been designed with maximum comfort in mind, with three-point seat belts on the sides and a middle belt to make long trips inside safer.


The Suzuki Vitara comes with a built-in touch screen to make your trips more entertaining, compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy the best playlists on Spotify, receive calls, use Waze without losing sight of the road. The dashboard of the Suzuki Vitara will allow you to control the speed while driving, with a screen that will allow you to view the fuel efficiency and the mileage traveled.

The Vitara is designed with Suzuki TECT (Total Effective Control Technology) technology in its body, which consists of absorbing all the energy of an impact and redistributing it in the chassis to minimize the damage that a collision may cause.

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The safety of the crew is a fundamental aspect of the Suzuki Vitara, equipped in its GLX version with 6 SRS airbags (front, side and curtain) to help mitigate the impact in the event of a collision. Hill Braking Control prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards while stopped on a slope by activating the brakes for up to 2 seconds after the driver releases pressure on the brake pedal to press the accelerator